Thanks Momma

My mother passed away 39 years ago but I appreciate how she raised her 5 kids. We were a handful, but she got my sisters and I ready for church every Sunday in our cute little dresses and patent leather mary-janes and anklet socks and my brother in his jacket and tie. The values she instilled in us were a foundation for all our lives. As a teenager I thought my mother was very grouchy, but then I had 3 children and realized that my mother had 5 kids, 8 pregnancies, a baby who lived less than a month, several health issues and yet she still sought God and was even closer to Him in her last few years. My mother was a saint.

I enjoyed sitting around the kitchen table chatting with her in my late teens (not the early teens). There are times even now when I think “I want my Mommy”. Thank you Momma, Madeline Aynes Carr, you never gave up.


About mylifesapark

I love hearing people laugh at my stories. Not fiction, but stories from my life and the lives of friends and family. No one is safe, but I change the names to protect the innocent and guilty, I am not here to make enemies. This blog is about the ridiculousness of life and the unexpected sweetness. OK, so now you are wondering what the title is about. I love parks. I grew up in a city with great parks and lived directly across the street from a 45-acre one. And when I say parks I am not talking about a small patch of green and a playground, I am talking lush green hills and woods with trees four or five stories tall. To me parks are the greatest places on earth. A full life must include at least one great park on a regular basis. I could have called the blog “My life is a walk in the Park” but that was too long. “A walk in the Park was taken. But I realize that I would prefer comparing life to a park itself, rather than just a walk in one. I want the tragic-comedy of life to be as rich and lush as the parks that I love.
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